Founders / Co-Founders Agreement

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What is a Founders Agreement or Co-Founders Agreement?

Founders or Co-Founders Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the initial members of the company mainly founders of the company. It lays down all the aspects of the proposed business to be conducted with respect to each founder’s roles, responsibilities, liabilities, and obligations.

The agreement must contain these below-mentioned clauses such as:-

- Initial Investment by founders

- Share distribution

- Vesting schedule

- Role, responsibility & liability of founders

- Exit or Removal terms

- Confidentiality

- Dispute resolution & many more..

It is highly recommended that the Founders or Co-founders agreement should be indisputable and should be drafted by Legal experts so that the question of any loopholes in the agreements doesn’t arise.

The drafting of the agreement takes around 1-2 days and our experts shall contact you and understand your business and its intricacies.