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Why do you need a Privacy Policy?

As per the Information Technology Act 2000, all the entities are required to disclose what personal information the website is collecting from the user who is visiting the website and how the information is being used or disclosed.

Having a well drafted privacy policy protects you from unwanted accusations that you are handling personal information and not declaring it. This use and disclosure of the data being collected are drafted in the form of Privacy Policy and should be visible on the website.

Why do you need Terms of Use?

Terms of Use or Terms of Service or Website Terms and Conditions is a legally binding agreement between the user who wants to use the services and the service provider (website entity). This includes the terms and conditions as to how the services should be accessed on the website.

The major reason to have a Terms of Use on your website is to mitigate the risk from your website in case of issues such as electronic devices being hacked by spyware or malicious software. It helps to avoid unnecessary legal claims from Users.

Why do you need a Website Disclaimer?

Website Disclaimer is a legal notice on your website which limits the liability of the entity if a claim is being filed due to the use of the website by a user. For example, if your website contains some information or advice and the user incurred damages after following the website’s information or advice and filed a claim against the entity, then this document can be used as a defense against such user claims.

After carefully understanding your business operations, Our experts will draft fully compliant documents within 1-2 days and as per the Information Technology Act 2000.